Building the value on integrity and service excellence, our capabilities are supported by a team of well-trained operations staff, well positioned to attend every aspect of your vessel’s needs.

BarunaMitraSegaraLines, offers the full range of Port Agency services to Owners, Operators, Charterers, Ship Managers and Cargo Interests.

We do basic Inward/Outward C.I.Q.P clearance as a mandatory service an agent does, which covers all activities to comply local regulations from pre-arrival to post-departure of a vessel. But we do not stop there, we also provide other services, but not limited to, Superior Vessel Agency attendance, Vessel and Crews husbandry services throughout Batamarea, Loading and Discharging Supervision, Dry Docking and Repair Supervision and many more.


  • Port Clearance – Arrival and departure portformalities
  • Immigration clearance for crew and crewchange
  • Bunker Calls – Supervision of bunkering services
  • Supervision of cargo operations – loading anddischarging cargo in public port or private port
  • Supervision of vessel repair / docking
  • Vessel Husbandry – Supply vessel store, sparepart, provision, fresh water etc.
  • Port Information